Design Terminology

Photo credit: Paolo Finocchi

Bark: texture like the bark of a tree 

Bombe: convex 

Beveled: angled planes coming to a knife-edge point in the middle 

Concept: idea 

Convertible Elements: one piece worn different ways 

Filigree: Intricate wirework, mostly in curvilinear patterns. 

Florentine: a texture made by many very small engraved lines in the surface of the metal which gives the metal a soft matte finish as opposed to a shiny finish 

Front View: Similar to side view, but taken from front of object 

Hammer Texture: a texture made by a hammer creating small concave depressions in the surface of the metal. 

Graduated Sizes: Sizes ranging from smaller to larger, usually in an ordered sequence 

Mechanical drawing/Mechanical: same as technical drawing 

Openwork: Any kind of detailing in which air-space is visible. I.e. Filigree or Piercing 

Piercing: A type of openwork when the metal is cut into, creating negative space patterns in which air or background space shows through 

Rendering: color painting or drawing 

Rough Drawing: sketch 

Sand Blast: another method to create a matte finish. The piece is bombarded with an abrasive material, which eats away the top layer and leaves a slightly rough matte finish. No lines are visible as in Florentine and some Satin finishes. 

Satin Finish: similar to Florentine, but the lines are even more delicate, like a brushed surface. This also gives the piece a matte appearance. 

Side View: The side view of a 3-dimensional object. Also called "elevation Tapered- wider at one side and narrowing at the other 

Technical drawing: architectural drawing showing precise detail of top view, side view and front view of a three-dimensional object 

Template: A pierced piece of plastic or metal with various open shapes that enable an artist to consistently reproduce standard shapes by tracing the inside of the pierced opening with a pencil. Also a standard for something, like a blank form from which copies can be made and modified without changing the original.

Top View: View of a 3-dimensional object as seen from top. In case of jewelry this is the side seen most prominently when jewelry is worn. 

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